" A New Kind of

Bakery Flour"

Tasuko by Ubonsunflower is a cassava flour designed for bakery and food products. Its primary benefits include being gluten-free and high in fiber.

One of the main challenges lies in the absence of trends or conversations around gluten-free products in Thailand. Furthermore, the terms "cassava" and "tapioca" are often associated with tapioca starch and its sticky properties among the Thai population. This poses a hurdle in introducing the product to the market, given the misconceptions surrounding cassava flour.

" Bake a new trend

by partnering with Influencers"

Our approach centers around cultivating a fresh trend and demand thoughtfully. We've embraced the strength of partnerships by teaming up with influential trendsetters. Through this collaborative strategy, we've worked to introduce our product and brand, aiming to make a meaningful impression that gently sets off a chain reaction within Thai society.

Cultivating a

Gluten-Free Community

Gluten-free and delicious bakery flours do exist, guaranteed by Tatsukoka and Chef Ian, a project that captured the gluten-free market before other brands rushed in, aiming to establish a symbol that assures both taste and health, mirroring the successes of the Michelin Guide in the culinary world.
The project began with 14 bakeries and gradually expanded the guarantee, creating a community for gluten-free deliciousness around Tasuko’s bakery flour.

MDL's Tasks

  • Communication strategy and social media strategy

  • Logo, packaging design, and brand CI

  • Creative idea and production

  • KOL management and partnership management

  • Opening event

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