" A Fresh Perspective in a

Sweet World"

Proud is the newest sugar brand in the market, having been visible for only 3 years. Given that "Sugar" is a commodity with main players in the market, such as Mitr Phol and Linn, the challenge lies in communicating in a distinctive way. Additionally, there's a need to penetrate the young generation, who are not the primary buyers of sugar.

PROUD Sweet Story

The campaign "พราวเติมหวานให้ชีวิต" or "Proud Sweet Story" positions Proud as an enhancer of moments, enriching them with a touch of sweetness. By collaborating with KOLs and leveraging our own platforms, we will effectively disseminate this message.

" Transforming Sugar into

Moments of Joy and Sweetness"

Our strategy revolves around crafting a communication approach that transcends the conventional narrative of sugar's benefits. To capture the attention of the younger audience, we intend to seamlessly integrate Proud into their lifestyles, making "Sugar" synonymous with adding sweetness to life's moments.

MDL's Tasks

  • Communication and content strategy
  • Campaign logo design

  • KOL strategy and management

  • Media strategy and media management
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