" Reviving a Legacy "

After remaining in the Thailand market for more than 30 years, Imperial Leather's brand perception among consumers is that it is an old-fashioned brand, a brand for moms and grandmoms. This year, Imperial Leather has launched a new body wash, accompanied by a complete overhaul of the brand image.
Our challenge is How to refresh consumers' perception and brand image from an old-school brand to a completely new brand and engage with the new generation target.

Elevating Elegance 
A Bold Leap into Modernity

Introducing 'Overindulge Yourself' as our global communication concept, we've adeptly tailored it for the Thai market while crafting a campaign that resonates with the new generation.
Our selection of 'Bowkylion' as the brand ambassador, distinctly different from the industry's use of famous superstars, sets us apart and forges a strong connection with younger audiences.
We're not limited to traditional and online media; we're actively boosting our visibility in consumer spaces and facilitating product trials through luxury hotel partnerships. Additionally, we're strengthening consumer relationships by partnering with a renowned Thai fashion brand, enhancing our brand image.

MDL’s Tasks

  • 360 Communication and content strategy
  • Creative idea and production

  • Social conversation idea

  • KOL strategy and management

  • Media strategy and media management
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