" It's time to

brush away the old looks"

GINO McCRAY has been established in Thailand for nearly 20 years under the Beauty Buffet brand.
However, the brand is struggling with an outdated perception among consumers. Despite having popular products, like their foundation powder, consumers often associate them with generic terms like "แป้งทองคำ.” (Pang-tong-kum)
The beauty market in Thailand is intensely competitive. The task at hand is to differentiate GINO McCRAY in this saturated market.

Looks at me

Inspire women to be themselves, regardless of their looks
The primary goal is to transform GINO McCRAY from being perceived as a product into a distinct brand by introducing a new brand attitude: "Looks at me.” ลุคไหนก็ใช่เรา This attitude challenges the notion that women should be judged or framed by just one look. Instead, GINO McCRAY believes that women should be free to have many looks, as much as they want, while being themselves.
By having Bua Nalinthip, a famous Thai actress who is usually seen as a sweet girl, as our brand ambassador, we transformed her look into something different that no one had ever seen before. This helped to strengthen the brand's attitude and set GINO McCRAY apart from its competitors.

2nd Campaign

From Refreshing to Strengthen

Having established the brand's recognition on a broader scale, we are now dedicated to enhancing its brand image, making it more distinct and robust. We are continuing to utilize the same brand ambassador, Bua Nalinthip, while emphasizing key product highlights. The 'Looks at me' brand attitude remains unchanged, but this time, we are enriching the narrative with a heightened sense of fashion and a greater array of striking looks. Each look stands out uniquely, aiming to inspire and encourage engagement with the brand. This approach is designed to captivate and resonate with a diverse audience, fostering a desire to connect with the brand.
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