" Firster "

A newly launched retail store in Bangkok, Thailand, named FIRSTER, offered an innovative shopping O2O experience through its "vertical concept store." FIRSTER was committed to delivering a customer-centric experience by leveraging data-driven technology to provide a unique shopping journey tailored to each individual. The store encompassed two main categories: "FIRSTER BEAUTY" and "FIRSTER LIFESTYLE.”

The challenges at hand included effectively introducing FIRSTER to the market and establishing a competitive edge against existing rivals. Additionally, highlighting the distinctive features of FIRSTER and conveying the exceptional experiences it offered were crucial aspects.
We utilized specialists in various domains to embody the essence of the FIRSTER brand and underscore its unique selling points compared to competitors. Additionally, we partnered with KOLs specializing in style, beauty, gadgets, and promotions to drive traffic and engage consumers.

MDL’s tasks :
Digital campaign

  • Communication strategy
  • KOL campaign and management
Based in Bangkok, Thailand
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