Due to the impact of the COVID-19 situation, Beauty Buffet, like other brands, experienced a decline in sales. Additionally, sales within the Chinese market also declined. As a response, Beauty Buffet had to shift its focus to the Thai market and adopt an adaptive strategy for both sales channels and marketing efforts.
Our communication goal is to expand and engage with a nationwide target audience.

" Captivating Communities with Music "

In a harmonious fusion of local strategy and music marketing, we proudly present an inspiring campaign for our esteemed client, 'Beauty Buffet,' featuring the beloved singer 'ครูเต้ย,' who is famous in the Northeast and South regions. Our goal is to seamlessly blend 'ครูเต้ย's' musical charm with the essence of these regions.
At its core, the campaign revolved around authenticity and community engagement. By creating a song and music video with 'ครูเต้ย,' we provided a stage for him to captivate audiences with his talent. Simultaneously, we embraced the fervor of fan clubs, inviting them to be ambassadors of the campaign's spirit.
The essence lies in the synergy between 'Beauty Buffet' and 'ครูเต้ย,' as we infused the campaign with the brand's core values. This collaboration became a celebration not just of beauty but also of music, deeply resonating with the people of the Northeast and South.

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